Innovations In Automotive Technology Drive Mada Wikri Tunggal To Success

Delivering more mileage with greater fuel economy, motorcycles remain to be one of the popular transport options in developing countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. With a stable demand for motorcycles, competition is cutthroat for many manufacturers as they struggle to capture the market with innovations.

Metal and plastic automotive components manufacturer Mada Wikri Tunggal (MWT) provides the solution for these companies as it constantly invests in improving its technologies and raising the skills of its employees to deliver nextgeneration products to its customers.

“We really focus on quality, cost and delivery since the automotive industry makes new models every year. We are committed to supporting this development, and we train our people extensively because time-to-market is crucial,” says president and director Krishna Bharata.

MWT works with companies in the vehicle sector in Indonesia such as Astra Honda Motor and Astra Otoparts. Through customer partnerships, the components expert has built an export line to the region. The company is on the lookout for direct export opportunities in Southeast Asia, aiming to tap new manufacturers looking for quality suppliers. Having experienced great success in the two-wheel vehicle segment, MWT moves forward with its expansion to four-wheel vehicles to support the evergrowing car industry that is driven by greater disposable incomes. With this expansion, the company sees greater growth for its plastic components division as car manufacturers turn to plastics for components in making lighter cars.

ponents in making lighter cars. As a technology-savvy company, MWT seeks technological partnerships with automotive manufacturers and universities with extensive knowledge about mould and dies, but more importantly, emerging technologies such as internet of things and Industry 4.0 applications. It also welcomes jointventure opportunities that can help establish MWT as a leading player in the region.

“My dream is for MWT to grow better and stronger. We are working towards greater integration and automation to satisfy our customers and support their businesses,” Bharata says.