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Providing services to customers with commitment, trust and showing results that are in accordance with customer needs

About Us


PT MADA WIKRI TUNGGAL founded in 1984 by Ir. Achmad Sarbini, engaged in the manufacture of molds and dies, metal components and plastic components. With the ranks of management and staff are committed and highly competent, the company continues to move forward and develop.

Our Vision

To be the best company in national and international scale by focusing on professionalism, timeliness, standardization of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide service to customers with commitment, trust and show the results in accordance with customer wishes.




1 Plastic Components

The Plastic Division produces components from plastic resins by using a injection moulding machine process. These components are hight precision technical products requiring high technology and skill. our products are use in the following areas : Automotive, Electronic, including telecomunication and electrical engineering.

Hight precision plastic injection part for automotive and electronic industries.

2 Metal Components

The Metal Division produces metal components in the form of pressed parts and spindle. These components are indispensable parts to assemble for Automotive, Electronic Industries

Hight precision metal stamping part including welding and assembly for automotive and electronic industries.


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PT. Mada Wikri Tunggal
Head Office Address

Jl.Gemalapik, Kawasan Karyadeka Pancamurni Kav. C3 Desa Pasirsari Kec. Cikarang Selatan Kab. Bekasi

Plant 2

Jl. Raya Nanjung Cisaat No.25 RT 01/01 Kp. Sukawangi Desa Jelegong Kec. Kutawaringin Kab. Bandung Telp. 022 6866 210 , Fax. 022 6866 211

Plant 3

Jl. Industri Kp. Sempu RT 01/03 Desa Pasirgombong Kec. Cikarang Utara Kab. Bekasi Telp. 021 8910 3070, Fax. 021 8910 3069

Plant 4

Jl. Tekno 5 Blok E 1 C-D Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tahap III Desa Pasir Gombong, Kec. Cikarang Utara Kab. Bekasi 17550


+62 21 897 3482


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